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Alembic Global Advisors is an independent equity research firm offering differentiated, experienced financial analysis on a variety of global industrial sectors. Our goal is to provide high quality, proprietary and actionable research into company, industry and broader macro trends on a truly global level.

Since its founding in 2009, Alembic has expanded from its core global chemical coverage to the oil and gas exploration and production industry and, most recently, to the energy infrastructure/engineering and construction sector. Our analysts have been recognized by industry publications Institutional Investor, FT/Starmine and Extel.

Alembic /a-‘lem-bik/ : 1. An apparatus used for distillation consisting of a rounded, necked flask and a cap with a long beak for condensing and conveying distilled product to a receiver; 2. (metaph.) something that refines or transmutes as if by distillation. [Middle English alambic, from Old French, from Medieval Latin alembicus, from Arabic al-'anb q : al-, the + 'anb q, still (from Greek ambix, cup).]a

The word alembic comes, like much alchemical terminology, from Arabic. The early pioneer of distillation, the Persian scientist Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi (854 CE – 925 CE), used alembics widely in his work. The word is used metaphorically to describe the process of taking one material, idea or datapoint, applying reasoned analysis (the catalyst) and coming up with something entirely new (“the alembic of creative thought”).

Alembic thus captures the essence of our firm in multiple ways: literally, as the company began with coverage of the chemical industry, metaphorically, in that we seek to “distill” a global array of data into actionable research points, and lastly, because of our firm’s connection to both the historical tradition of, and modern industries in, the Middle East.

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